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The weather conditions the life of each of us every day: any outdoor activity linked to the world of work, tourism or the simple organization of a family. 


If you need specific services, technologies or applications for weather monitoring and nowcasting, you can rely on our professional services.


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ReteMet is a young company specialized in the supply and installation of meteorological, hydrological and agrometeorological monitoring systems. Technologies, applications and professional advice aimed at Municipalities, Organizations and Companies.

What do we do

It is essential to accurately identify the potential and actual criticalities affecting the area being monitored. Alarm thresholds are therefore established in order to be able to disseminate clear messages on the state of criticality.


Then come the decisions on the pitch. When it comes to control of the territory and mitigation of hydraulic risk, the notification to the civil protection bodies of the exceeding of certain rainfall thresholds (tot millimeters of rain in a given time interval) triggers a whole series of procedures connected to the safety plans , which can include the activation of acoustic and visual alarm devices (industrial sirens for mass evacuation), or the massive notification of text messages intended for the population residing in the Red Zone.


In Agriculture

In the field of precision agriculture, the punctual and real-time collection of agro-meteorological data, such as soil saturation, leaf wetness, evapotranspiration, etc. allows, for example, the correct optimization and planning of irrigation and fertigation activities.



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